Jasmina Danowski works in the tradition of process art, allowing her actions and their consequences to determine the outcome of her works. Danowski makes her own inks and paint, and applies them to paper on the floor. She resists committing fully to the pictorial or abstract by endowing each mark with equal importance, forcing the viewer’s eyes to dart across the work, their attention actively moving from one sensuous, casual mark to the next. To look at a Danowski is to immerse oneself in a world of color and texture that is characterized by her gestural, tactile paint strokes and her pure delight in the act of mark making. Her art is reminiscent of Abstract Expressionism, Asian calligraphic art and brings to mind the directness of children’s art. In her abstract floral images, Danowski explores the contradictions of the austere and luxuriant, the totality and individuality of forms, and denotation and connotation.

Jasmina Danowski was born in Germany in 1960. She received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1990, and her MFA from Bard College in 1997. She received the Pollock-Krasner Award twice, once in 2001 and again in 2005. Danowski has had numerous solo exhibitions, as well as group exhibitions at Weatherspoon Art Museum Biennial Exhibition, Greensboro, NC; Boston Center for the Arts, MA; Dumbo Arts Center Festival Exhibition in Brooklyn, NY; Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson, MS; at Spanierman Modern, NYC; and Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, Laurel, MS, and others.