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Constance Regardsoe is an emerging artist, born in Preston, Lancashire, in the North of England.  She has always been passionate about making art, but as the first person in her family to attend university, was encouraged to pursue a more traditional profession. After earning her English degree she moved to London and began a career in education, but soon realised the persistence and power of her passion for painting. She soon switched to teaching part time, which enabled her to devote more time to making her art. The next two years were not without challenges, but over the course of 2020, she was selected for several major exhibitions, won the prestigious Bath Society of Arts Grand Prize and Young Artist Prize (the first time in the competitions 115 year history that a recipient has won both awards. She has since switched to focusing on painting full time.

Constance chooses to depict bodies of water which present an opportunity to capture the many abstractions created by movement, as well as light refraction.  In a much more meaningful they remind us that  time is fleeting and the world is ever changing. The beauty of this moment will soon be gone, and we are well advised to appreciate the present moment..  She is inspired by the visual spectacles captured in her source images, and her respect and admiration for her models.