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Janet Filomeno is best known for her large-scale gestural abstract paintings that employ nature as a point of departure from which to create non-representational images with metaphorical references. In particular, her landscapes center around water and its rich associations with themes of birth, life, and death. Her current location allows her access to the Delaware River where she can study the constant change and movement of water. She views the river as her stage onto which she can project her inner drama, a response to her world. The work selected for this show is from Filomeno’s most recent series, Blue Crystals Revisited, in which she sought to expand upon her previous Blue Crystals Series. In both series, nature is embodied through translucent sapphire blues that reflect the sensation of troubled waters. Her physical process recalls Abstract Expressionism and action painting as a stretched canvas is laid on the floor before chosen materials are poured and flung onto it while the artist and the canvas move around the studio space. The physicality of the procedure reenacts the unpredictable movement of water. 

Janet Filomeno was born in New York, New York. She received her Bachelor’s of Art from  SUNY Albany, her Master’s of Art from Montclair State University, and her Master’s of Fine Art from Vermont College of Fine Art. Filomeno has been a part of solo and group exhibitions in the United States and abroad. Her works can be found in numerous public and private collections across the United States, including the Michener Art Museum, the SUNY Albany Museum, and the Montclair Art Museum. She currently lives and works in New Hope, Pennsylvania.