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"My inspiration has been my conviction that modern painting is fueled by the combination of tradition and the realities of modern life. Spirituality and feeling are the basic subjects of my work. They are depictions of intuitive expressions using color as language, and the landscape (God's earth) as a metaphor for the arena of life. The revelation of a primal image that delivers an immediate response in the viewer is my goal. Hopefully, my paintings convey a felt perception of life, an awareness of the history of art, and a clear expression of my passion and sense of spirituality. I sense visual music that externalizes what I feel within me and in the air.

My work is intuitive, color is the language I use to express my feelings. Nature inspires the imagery in my paintings and they are expressions of spirit, informed and guided by God. When my paintings succeed they express the mystery of the spirit, emotions, reverence of the awesome power of the universe, through surface, shapes, and color. When they matter they realize what I feel within me and touch the observer through positive emotion. The thing is they are always changing.

I've always admired Chinese Landscape painting for its beauty, elegance, simplicity, and complexity. I admire it because it contains multiple painting styles; (combining geometric boxes (chops), borders and calligraphy with landscape techniques that are remarkably similar to modern stain painting. In retrospect, I have realized what an important inspiration Chinese Landscape painting has also been to my work."

- Ronnie Landfield