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Born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1966, Erin Parish creates deeply meditative work. Her abstract imagery alludes to the universal and the specific, inviting the viewer to reflect, interpret, and actively participate in bringing the piece to life.  Composed principally of fields of circles, Parish’s paintings do not have primary focal points. Rather, a depth is implied through coats of resin, resulting in textured surfaces that guide the eye. Layered and dense, Parish’s works convey a distinct tension between the textured surface and the underpainting resulting in structurally rigorous and complex compositions. Abstraction, as non-representative style, it is void of all reference to our physical world. It allows viewers to interpret and project their own emotional and spiritual feelings onto it. Parish intends for a conversation to occur between the painting and the viewer – preferably over a significant length of time.  Parish likes to imagine that her paintings reside with people who meditate on them often, observing how they change under different lighting situations, seasons, and even internal emotional shifts. Her works’ full complexity reveals itself through a gradual unraveling. Complex and subtle, her paintings are equally approachable and open.