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Heidi Spector is a geometric abstractionist. She purposefully opts for her work to convey an upbeat and lively disposition using vivid and repetitive patterns. Her work, inspired by techno beats and club life, projects a natural sense of optimism and joy. Inspired by popular music, each work’s title is based on song lyrics from recording artists such as Duke Ellington, Amy Winehouse, or Tiësto. Her geometric compositions are created with acrylic paint on Russian birch panels, cubes, and columns. They are then coated in resin and blowtorched to create a glass-like reflective coating. The results are so pristine, the viewer can see their reflection, and thus become implicated in the work. Spector has stated that American color field artists such as Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, and Frank Stella have largely inspired her work. However, the primary influence in her work is the music playing in her studio while she is working on a piece. 

Heidi Spector currently lives and works in Montreal, Canada.