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Inness Hancock’s landscapes begin with an on-site study of a location through watercolors or sketches. Throughout, Hancock takes care to consider the history and energy of the space to form a personal connection that is translated into her large-scale abstract oil paintings. Her painting process focuses on the transparency and gesture of her movements. The dynamic and bold paintings she creates contrast her subtle, defined color palettes. Hancock’s reflection of the outside world allows her to reveal truths about her inner spirit. Themes evident throughout her oeuvre include mythology, the feminine perspective, and the depth of human emotion and experience. Her paintings reproduce not only the visual experience of the world but also the inner landscape of the human mind and spirit. 

Inness Hancock studied art and philosophy at the University of Southern California and the College of Charleston. Her works are included in numerous private and high-profile art collections and have been widely exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums. She lives and works in Bedford, New York, and Northeast Harbor, Maine.