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Mark S. Kornbluth is a photographer captivated by the vibrancy of New York City. Born in San Francisco in 1966 and raised in Montreal and Cleveland, Mark’s lifelong connection with this dynamic metropolis began thirty years ago, during his first visit. Since then, New York City has become the primary subject of his work. Through his lens, Mark explores the emotional resonance embedded in specific times and places, and the profound impact of shared experiences. Mark embraces the city’s ambient light at night, allowing billboards and streetlights to illuminate his subjects like studio lights, revealing the enduring grandeur intrinsic to New York City. His images are not mere snapshots but rather layered compositions, constructed like paintings. Mark invites viewers to witness the interplay of memory, time, and the shared anticipation of future events.

Mark’s extensive academic and professional background adds a unique perspective to his photographic practice. He holds an M.F.A. in acting from Sarah Lawrence College and has honed his craft in various genres, including fine art, commercial, documentary, and event photography. Throughout his career, Mark has had the opportunity to photograph a diverse range of subjects, from dancers, musicians, actors, and politicians to everyday people. This multifaceted background has shaped his unobtrusive approach and distinct artistic vision, enabling him to create compelling, authentic images that resonate with viewers.