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Artist Statement

My work is a visual diary of sorts exploring an ongoing collection of memories that began in a small town in Connecticut. As a young child, walking was a part of my daily life. We lived close to town and as I meandered my way to school, I became keenly observant. I experienced the changing of the seasons, splashed in puddles, kicked leaves and walked the same paths of my Father and Grand Father. My love of color and its possibilities began in these small voyages. As a young girl, I would go to the Yardage Shop and match thread with swatches of fabric for my mother. These silky fibers exposed me to color and their luxurious tints and shades. I would visit the wallpaper store to marvel in the countless patterns and often borrow "Good Night Moon" from the library because I was fascinated by how the illustrations seemed to capture dusk. Even at that early age I noticed that these experiences were special and as an adult I see that they have remained with visceral integrity and have became a part of my personal fabric. 


As I move forward in my life, I continue my collection of memories. Unexpectedly, just as those childhood experiences etched their place, it is the seemingly insignificant and inconsequential moments that remain and hold such gravity. These are the moments I celebrate and paint as they are the ones that define my story. I find that my history, although unique to me, can find a universal voice. We all have an autobiography.